I can't possibly capture the spirit of the Justice League, Man of Steel soundtracks alone. In this video, a couple of musicians and I play amongst the funky coloured walls of the Asalpha slum as Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman and WonderWoman, the Asalpha own little Justice League as they come together to save the world.

The children in the video- Mahesh, Akshay, Akshay S, Nirmit, Chaitali- were bright, well-adjusted kids with access to education and exposure to such superheroes and pop culture. Not all children at Asalpha have these privileges.

As our subscribers/viewers, your ability to comprehend, or even have access to our content speaks mountains of our privileged, comfortable lives. While shooting on location, we realised this and decided to start a campaign to raise funds for the education of the other children at Asalpha to whatever extent possible.

With the funds raised, we want every child at Asalpha to be in a position to afford basic schooling, books, uniforms, so education becomes an exciting experience, not a stressful one.

Every single paisa collected will be directed to this cause. We will ensure that the process is kept completely transparent with regular updates on YouTube + Facebook. Once the campaign has received a significant sum, we will also upload a video detailing how the funds were used, interviews with the children, essentially everything it takes to keep this process inclusive and honest.

An education is the best gift we could possibly give these talented, capable kids. Click 'Donate Now' button to make your donation.

An education is the best gift we could possibly give these talented, capable kids! Any amount which can be donated for this effort would be appreciated :)
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