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The Dharavi Project is a platform to discover, nurture and showcase burgeoning underground Hip Hop Talent from the nook and corners of the world. To give them a voice to celebrate, a stage to perform and support to empower young talent not only in the Dharavi of Mumbai but Dharavi's of the world.

Quite accidentally though, 2 years ago when we were scouting and meeting raw talent in and around the city, we got introduced to Slumgods a hip-hop crew from Dharavi, Asia's largest slum also home to a burgeoning hip-hop culture, complete with Rapping, Beatboxing and Graffitiing with multiple active crews whom we on-boarded in no time.

With such unwavering passion and firm vision to spread hip-hop culture across the globe and more importantly educate people through music and dance forms, we decided to create a base in the form of setting up an alternate form of education called "The After School of hip- hop" inside Dharavi for these kids.

We want every kid in Dharavi to have free and easy access to the "After school of hip-hop" to express one's thoughts and expressions through music, dance, art and address social and political issues on the go.

This music and dance school in Dharavi has been funded from the CSR budget of Universal Music Group in collaboration with Qyuki with the aim of identifying and grooming homegrown talent and providing them a platform to showcase their potential.

Hip hop weekly classes have begun from Tuesdays through Sundays spreading Knowledge around Hip Hop in the form of its core elements: Bboying, Rapping, Mcing & Dj, Beatboxing and Grafitti art.

We have 6 teachers in total and 15 students in each class.

Bboy Aku - founder of Hip Hop in Mumbai (Dharavi) runs advance level Bboying class
Bboy Vicky - teaches power moves in bboying
Bboy Vikram - teaches beginners in Hip Hop
Mc Heam - teaches rapping
Beatboxer Nagesh - teaches beatboxing
Artist Sid Sapp - teaches graffiti art form

We do not have a selection criteria for students as its a music and dance school. Everyone is welcome. Currently, the core team members of the hip-hop crew teach kids different components of hip-hop and parallelly create an opportunity to nurture their students who would take the legacy forward.

The idea is to make this initiative self-sustainable on a long-term basis. The idea is to shift from support and funding to evangelizing and scaling this project.

There are a certain set of values and principles hip-hop can impart to young students and children.
Hip-Hop unlike other ways of life does not have a single text that lays out what is to be expressed and taught.
Values that get derived from this form are to keep it real.

Speak Truth to Power - The need, to tell the truth, is fundamental to Hip Hop.
Represent your community and society - To be voices of the society that they have grown up with and share the suppressed issues around with the world.
Express yourself - Creative expression stems from hip-hop.

The main obstacles and strengths of setting up a project in the context of Dharavi slums are heavily dominated by violence, illiteracy due to which the youth gets distracted and carried away in the nuances of the community.

This project empowers them to understand reality, distract them from the grey world and give their expression a platform.

The main obstacles and strengths of setting up a music project based on hip-hop in the context of Dharavi slums
People who do not understand hip-hop or misinterpret this art form.
violence and illiteracy.
Strength: The undying talent of the youth.
The passion to be the game changers.
The vision to do different and unique work by way of music and dance form

Your support in the form of donation will help us achieve short and long-term goals envisioned for TheDharaviProject

Short term:
help create structure and form to scale long-term
produce content
bring mentorship opportunities

Scale groups
Branded content
Album releases
empower underground artists
Help them make their living through their passion

One of its kind donation platform supporting underground hip-hop artists.Come be a part of this revolution!

Come join us in discovering, nurturing, showcasing the underground hiphop talent of TheDharaviProject.
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